This is a basic course & will present advanced access, cleaning and shaping principles in a particle and predictable way. The hands on session will give you the confidence to apply your new skills the day you return to your dental clinic. Course covers both Manual & Rotary endodontics.


  • Thoroughly understand endodontic diagnosis and restorability.
  • Difficulty related to diagnosis.
  • Endodontic Access preparation with special considerations for molars.
  • Biomechanical preparation: Coronal, Middle and Apical.
  • Hybrid technologies with stainless steel and NiTi.
  • Canal negotiation strategies.
  • Intracanal medicaments.
  • Obturation to match cleaning and shaping
  • Case selection: When and how
  • Profound local anesthesia
  • Isolation made fast and easy with rubber dam.
  • Use (and misuse) of Rotary instruments
  • Use Rotary nickel titanium files without fear of breakage
  • Know what new technology to invest in and what to stay away from.
  • Discussion on difficult cases


  • To acquire knowledge on new biomaterials and their use in daily practice, from a correct selection to the implementation of advanced techniques in endodontics.
  • Diagnosing and treating endodontic complex cases from a holistic perspective, knowing the techniques and industry news applied in practice.


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