Full Mouth Implant

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Full Mouth Implant Treatment

Full Mouth Implant Treatment can be defined as restoring the entire set of teeth of either one or both jaws. It thus becomes of the most difficult procedures ever performed by dentists. With this, it is the best-offered treatment and an ideal way out for all those who want their entire set of teeth to be replaced; dentists most suggest full mouth implantation. It helps in restoring the teeth, appearance, and the working similar to that of natural teeth. Dental implants assist in replacing either your set of lost teeth or those worn out from the roots.

Elucidating Dental Implants

Dental Implants assist in chewing food effectively and wearing the best confident smile, and it assists in the normal functions and aesthetics. Besides, these have grown out to be the modern method of replacing any of your missing teeth so that you can get back your charming smile.

The procedure includes screwing a patented Titanium screw made of the highest-quality metal inside the bone where the tooth needs to be replaced. The screws act as an anchorage to your Artificial teeth and their crown.

What is meant by full month dental implantation?

Most often, patients visit dentists after they have lost half of their teeth or when weak teeth are troubling them when chewing food or their aesthetics. Herein, a dental specialist often suggests a full mouth dental implant wherein prosthetic teeth are fixed in the space to enjoy their food and maintain a good healthy life.

What are the advantages of a Full Mouth Implantation?
Below listed are the benefits of getting a full mouth dental implantation which is as follows:

  • You require fewer dental implants
  • You can get the entire set of teeth replaced at once
  • Better quality of bone
  • Supported by permanent prosthetic appliance
  • Uses the healthy bone available

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implantations

There are many benefits when opting for dental implants over any other type of treatment to replace the entire set of teeth. It renders the perfect natural look and also functions similar to your natural teeth. However, herein, the dentures or bridges are supported by implants designed in a manner that makes them highly long-lasting and durable.

When compared to other types of conventional dentures that can be removed and fixed as per convenience, these happen to be more comfortable and secure. Besides, you would not feel alien when biting and chewing food. Furthermore, the dentures fixed through implant often replace the roots, thereby providing better bone health. Additionally, they are appealing to view and make it much easier to handle compared to conventional dentures.

Types of Implants

These are placed directly in the jawbone and are made of patented and highly sophisticated titanium. The titanium is molded, resembling small screws that are screwed inside the bone, the commonest method used for fixing the implants.

In this method, the dentures are placed either inside the gum area or above the jawbone. It is usually performed in the case of patients who lack a healthy jawbone and do not wish to opt for bone augmentation that rebuilds the structure.

The Full Mouth Dental Implant treatment depends on various factors, such as how many implants you require. These can further be divided into two categories which include:

Conventional Dental Implants:
The entire procedure is completed in either two or multiple sessions, depending on your dental bone health. These are further divided into two categories:

  1. All-on-4 method
  2. All-on-6 method

These include immediate loading of dental implants performed in a single visit, such as Zygoma implant, etc. On the other hand, a conventional dental implant requires either two or multiple visits.

These are the most opted implant procedure that allows you to get a full mouth teeth replacement. The conventional method requires at least two visits to the dental clinic in a gap of 3 months. During the first visit, the dentist will place the implants inside the jaw and heal. After the osteo integrates, which means the bone fuses firmly with your jawbone, which takes at least 3 months, you can schedule another visit to fix your final prosthesis teeth over the implants.

The most commonly opted conventional dental implant procedure include:

All-on-4 method
It is the technique of placing replacement teeth either at the top or bottom, known as the full arch for the four implants in both the jaw. The procedure includes placing a temporary set of teeth which is the first phase. After 3 months, when the implants heal and bind with the bone, the patient is ready for the second phase, which includes placing permanent teeth to regain his normal routine.

All-on-6 method
The procedure includes placing 6 implants on either jaw. Herein, the patients must rest for at least 3 months to allow the setting of bone to get fused to the teeth strongly. The implants are submerged, allowing the patients to remove and wear the prosthesis, thereby ensuring the healing sites are not compressed during osseointegration. On the other hand, you get the temporary teeth replaced by a permanent set during the second phase.

Immediate Loading Dental Implantation completed in a single visit

The method is popular as Basal implants, also called same-day implantation or teeth-in-a-day method. Herein, the dental specialist provides you with the implant on the same day you have booked your appointment. These implants get support from the bottom basal bone that is free of infections. The method does not require grafting and thus provides an ideal solution for patients with low bone density or low volume of teeth in the jaw. It helps people with poor bone density undergo the treatment without the hassle and instantly get back their charming smiles.

Zygoma implants:
The Zygoma treatment is also known as Zygomatic implants, which are different from the conventional mode of dental implants. These are secured into the cheekbone region instead of the upper jaw or maxilla, the zygomatic bone. It is considered an ideal treatment if your upper jaw is weak to support the entire placement of the dental implant. Besides, it is also considered one of the advanced procedures opted by the majority when it comes to precision and showcasing dental skills.

Nobel Biocare and Straumann are among the top listed companies in 150 companies that provide conventional and immediate implants. Others include BioHorizons, 3i (Zimmer Biomet), Dentsply Sirona and Biomet, and MonoImplant and GenXt, listed among the pioneer brands.

Why Choose Marudhar Dental Clinic as your destination for Full Mouth Dental Implant?

We at Marudhar Dental Clinic are highly praised for our quality work both nationally and internationally. Besides, we are accredited for our impeccable work ethic and finesse in performing dental treatments, especially in dental implantation.

  • We provide a lifetime warranty on our implants.
  • Our team comprises experts who hold years of professional expertise in performing immediate implants as we understand the need of our patients. The team of specialists and dentists are trained to conduct the procedure with finesse and provide you with the best smile within a day.
  • We follow strict sterilization protocol and maintain the highest quality of oral hygiene besides cleaning the equipment to ensure safety.
  • We are an ISO-certified clinic that volumes quality in its very sense.
  • Our team of experts ensures to provide complete comfort to patients during the treatment. Herein we use the latest and most sophisticated technologies to carry on the process of dental implant smoothly.
  • We use painless injection techniques for all our treatments.
  • To keep the patient calm, we administer laughing gas or sedation during the procedure.
  • Our dental clinic comprises all the necessary amenities that cater to International Clients. We provide value-added services, including pick-up and drop from the airport, accommodation, excursions, and trips, translator facility at a 50% lesser price when compared to international standards.

Are you Eligible to Get a Full Mouth Implantation Done?

You must meet the following parameters for getting a Full Mouth Dental Implantation done, which are as follows:

  • If you have healthy gums
  • If there is sufficient jaw bone density for supporting the entire dental implant
  • Once you get your full mouth implantations done, you must maintain dental hygiene, which is imperative to have good oral health and healthy teeth.

Step-by-Step Explanation of Full Mouth Dental Implant Process
Every step of Full Mouth Dental Implant requires care and experience. Below listed are steps for easy implantation, which are as follows:

  • Placing either six to eight implantations on the upper jaw
  • Replacing four to six dental implants on the lower jaw
  • Fixing durable and natural-looking teeth made of porcelain to the implants using screws or dental cement

Well, are you wondering if you should opt for a full mouth dental implant, and what would be the cost? The overall cost of getting a Full Mouth Dental Implant done ranges from 2.5 to 6 lakhs in total.

  • The price of a full-mouth dental implant depends on the type of implant patients opt for, the bone type, the brand of implantation you choose, and the prosthesis teeth.
  • The costing also depends on getting the treatment performed by professional and experienced dentists in India, which adds to the additional expenses.
  • We at Marudhar Dental Clinic provide patients with multiple options that would make their treatment safe and cost-effective. We provide the EMI payment system with no additional interest rates added.

Marudhar Dental Clinic would ensure to put patient’s safety and satisfaction at the highest pedestal and guarantee to bring back your bright smile without burning your pockets.

-Full Mouth Implant Treatment is the very best method of replacing all the teeth in one jaw or the entire mouth (both jaws). This is easily the most difficult of all dental treatments. Precision is the key to success. Most doctors who offer this treatment are Board Certified Specialists and even with this advanced training great results are a significant challenge.

What is a Full Mouth Treatment?

In cases where all teeth need to be replaced, a full mouth treatment using dental implants is an effective option for many patients. A full mouth implant treatment is only way to fully restore appearance, comfort and function when compared to healthy natural teeth.

A full mouth treatment typically consists of:

  • The diagnostic and planning stages take several weeks (x-rays, CT scans, diagnostic mock-ups, virtual planning, smile design, etc).
  • The placement of six to eight dental implants in the upper jaw
  • Four to six implants in the lower jaw
  • Fabrication of fixed temporary bridge(s)
  • Durable, natural-looking porcelain teeth that are fixed to these implants by dental cement or screws
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