Laser Gummy Smile Correction

laser gummy correction

Gummy Smile Treatment With Lasers – What You Need To Know

Are you shy to smile because your gums tend to overshadow the bright smile? Does it bother you that your upper teeth are short due, and the gingival tissue protrudes every time you smile? If the answer to both the questions mentioned above is yes, you suffer from a gummy smile problem.

Marudhar Dental Clinic brings you the ultimate solution for your gummy smile with our gummy smile laser treatment. The procedure helps correct the display of excessive gingival that often tends to steal away the overall spark and appearance of the smile.

Individuals with a straight and healthy set of teeth are known for their attractive smiles. Besides, they face fewer issues like uneven fractures or wear or that of discoloration. On the other hand, people who have irregular hum levels often consider their smile to be unattractive. It is called a gummy smile, as your smile here displays more of your gum tissue, making your teeth appear small and unattractive.

The condition either develops by self or due to some underlying dental issue, such as how a tooth got erupted or how your jawline developed with years. It tends to cause issues leading to an unbalanced shape of the mouth. Often individuals find it difficult to take bites too. In short, a gummy smile reflects a long-term oral hygiene and health issue.

What causes Gummy Smile?

Are you wondering what causes a gummy smile? There is no one reason, and many that can be described as follows give you a gummy smile. These include:

  • An abnormal eruption of your teeth can make the new one appear shorter. Although they might be of the correct length, yet may appear covered with an excess of gum tissue.
  • Overactive muscles that help in moving your upper lip are yet another reason. Herein, your muscles are pulled up more than usual by the upper lip when smiling, thereby displaying a major portion of your gums.
  • Incorrect development of your upper jaw can also result in a gummy smile problem as the jaw tends to bulge more than normal.

Often people tend to wonder if a gummy smile is an aesthetic issue or more than that. It has to be noted that a smile line defines an aesthetic zone that displays only your teeth when smiling. Other factors that affect your smile include the shape of your lips, facial muscles, their shape and size, and the shape and size of your gum tissue and teeth that influence your appearance. Thus, smiles that display minimum gum are considered to be more attractive.

What if the Gummy Smile is left Untreated?

Gummy smiles that are left untreated can affect your smile aesthetics negatively as well as your entire appearance. Besides, there do exist other treatments that can cure your issue of a gummy smile.

Laser treatment herein is considered one of the most effective techniques. The treatment includes dentists efficiently removing the excess gum tissue, and the process focuses largely on reshaping your underlying jaw bone.

The procedure includes directing a concentrated laser beam towards the area with excess gum tissue. It is a comfortable process where the laser doesn’t hinder or create any heat or vibration. The dentist may also spray little water to keep it steady and smooth.

Is there a comfortable treatment available?

Treating a gummy smile is extremely comfortable and helps the patient recover swiftly after the treatment compared to other options. With no discomfort, the dental laser treatment is one option that makes removing the excess of gum tissue easier. Moreover, using the advanced technology of using dental laser helps seal the blood vessels that result in less swelling and blood loss during and after the process.

A dental laser is considered the most viable option who fear any discomfort. Besides, the output volumes the benefits of the method. Furthermore, the individuals get back their original smile which is attractive and bright.

Below listed are a few of the benefits and risks attached to getting a laser gum treatment done:

Advantages and Risks Involved

Individuals with excess gum tissue or an uneven gingival display can get it corrected through dental laser treatment. It has many benefits when you opt for a professional or experienced cosmetic dentist to perform the treatment. The dentist will reshape your gumline, increasing the overall teeth length, which appears short when covered by the gum tissue. They help in removing excess gum tissue and make the gum line more symmetrical.

The risk or factor of complication involved in the process is that of swelling or bleeding. It is also rated as the technology used makes the process hassle-free. However, the effect also is determined by issues that the patient may face. Besides, many may also experience allergic reactions to anesthesia that is considered another major risk of dental laser treatment.

What is the cost of the Dental Gummy Smile Laser treatment?

The cost of dental laser treatment tends to vary for every individual as it depends on the overall gum that has to be removed. Besides, other factors mentioned in the above sections can either increase or reduce the overall treatment costs. In short, the entire treatment may range between $500 to $5000 based on the gum line that has to be treated.

If the procedure includes fixing a tooth or two, the cost will be lower, but the entire gum line will increase the overall cost estimate. It has to be noted that it is just the cost of laser treatment; on the other hand, if you also require other treatments like dental crown placement or porcelain veneers along with dental laser, the cost may escalate further.

-If you notice that you front teeth are substantially covered up by your gums, then you are having gummy smile indeed. Undoubtedly, gummy smile hamper your beautiful smile and make it unappealing at times because your gums hide your beautiful looking teeth while smiling. However, Marudhar Dentistry has come forth with several painless and bloodless treatments for gummy smile that can correct your gummy smile. Besides, the traditional surgical procedure of treating gummy smile, Marudhar Dental CLinic also offer Laser Gummy Smile Correction procedure that help the patients with gummy smile to enjoy an aesthetic look. This treatment procedure actually is employed to reduce the length of the gums and to balance the gum tissues so as to shape and size the upper lip and to make the teeth look better than every before.
During the procedure the laser will cauterize and remove additional tissues, so patients will experience less or no bleeding during the procedure. Besides, the chances of pain and infection are also very less than traditional surgical procedures. Moreover, the patients may experience sore or swollen gums for few days which will diminish automatically.
No matter what is the reason of your gummy smile, but you don’t need to put yourself under knife today because laser treatment is available to correct the condition with ease. You need to visit our clinic for complete evaluation of the condition where you will find out the reason and condition of the gummy smile through x-rays and tests. It helps us to find the ultimate treatment for your condition.
During the laser treatment procedure our dentists will use laser and re-shape the available loose gum tissues , without compromising the biological width, so as to make your teeth expose more than before. Laser gummy smile correction is perfect solution for patients with minor affect of gummy smile, but more serious cases we often recommend surgery which is very rare. The targeted tissues are treated with the help of the laser beam and the surrounding gums and teeth are kept untouched.

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