Single Tooth Implant

single tooth implant

Replacing a Missing or Failing Tooth with a Dental Implant

Dental implantation is considered the modern method and technique of replacing a missing tooth or falling tooth. If you are someone who has a missing tooth or whose teeth are badly damaged, then you might have experienced the following issues too, which include:

  • Difficulty in chewing food is a common issue with those who have a missing tooth. It may become difficult and cause discomfort in chewing it properly.
  • Shifting of an adjacent tooth: Missing teeth can also cause trouble to adjacent teeth that are impacted and get shifted over time.
  • You may experience poor dental hygiene, the problem of bad breath and gum illness.
  • Loss of mouth bone:Missing a tooth or multiple teeth from the mouth can lead to natural healing. However, it in the bargain can lead to the resorption of bones.
  • A missing tooth is prominent when smiling or talking; people who have lost or damaged teeth may find it entirely cautious about smiling or talking with others.

There are two most sought options for treating the trouble of missing tooth which are as follows:

  • Adding a traditional tooth-supported by a bridge, also known as a 3-unit bridge
  • An implant that is supported by a crown

Traditional Tooth-Supported Bridge - Output

A tooth-supported bridge is often used to replace missing tooth trouble wherein the adjacent teeth are grounded into tiny pegs or cut down to support the bridge. However, the process is known to destroy the tooth's structure and the enamel but is yet imperative if you want to fit the bridge in place. Besides, although the 3-unit bridge tends to be functional for years together, the place where the teeth were cut down can leave a hollow and transform into decay or lead to periodontal bone loss. Moreover, you may have to get a root canal treatment done to proper it. Thus, the traditional tooth-supported bridge is considered comparatively expensive and turn up more complications later.

Hence, most dentists prefer to opt for dental implants to replace the missing tooth in the 3-unit bridge. But, on the other hand, dental implantation is considered the best solution that sustains for years together.

Advantages of Replacing a Missing Tooth via Dental Implantation

An implant supported by a crown is considered a superior one in the place of a traditional tooth-supported bridge. Check out the reasons below:

  • Long term benefits – It is more affordable and cost-effective. Besides, it is not a permanent tooth replacement. Often the bridges must be maintained and replaced around the year, which tends to be more costly. Dental implants have a success rate of 97% higher than the other options used for tooth replacement.
  • Caring for your dental health – Dental implants are the most viable option for standard dental care wherein the missing teeth are fixated on the jawbone using a titanium implant. This provides better strength and a strong base for the new crown, making it stable and strong. Besides, the replaced tooth functions like the natural teeth.
  • Preserving the surrounding teeth. A dental implant is a better option than other ground down methods or destroying bridges as it saves the adjacent natural teeth.
  • It functions similar to a natural tooth which thus provides the best oral health.

Single Dental Implant Procedure

Marudhar Dental Clinic has the best team of dental implant surgeons who provide comfortable techniques to resolve your dental issues. Below listed is the detailed procedure, which includes the following:

  • • Consulting dentists and planning for the treatment. Herein it has to be noted that the process for teeth implant differs from individual to individual based on their oral health and bone strength. Besides, our team are experienced and proficient in offering the best care.
  • • Placing implant. It is a minor procedure that requires local anaesthesia. Herein, during the process, the dentist implants one titanium fixture, which will be placed in the jaw area, keeping the surrounding teeth intact.
  • • Recovery – Once the teeth are implanted, the overall time for healing and recovery will take around three to six months. Besides, it also depends on how the body responds to the individual’s current health. It will thus allow the time to implant the teeth into the bone. Moreover, the dentist will also place the implant to check the post-operative procedure. After the implant gets fully integrated inside the jawbone, your dentist and prosthodontist can get the implant restored, placing it on the crown and abutment.

Single Dental Implant Cost

The overall cost of a single dental implant depends from person to person. Moreover, some are straightforward in others who may require an additional extraction or bone grafting. These factors tend to impact the overall cost. Another factor that also determines the overall cost is insurance. Most dental insurance encompasses implants at varied levels, which may help save additional prices by opting for lucrative insurance.

Moreover, a dental implant happens to be a lucrative investment for the future, which will help improve the oral health of the patient and quality of life.

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