Implants - The Permanent Tooth Replacement

A Dental Implant is a Dental root form device used to support a tooth/ or teeth replacement. They appear like actual tooth root & they fuse with the bone where they are implanted. They support overlying. Crowns, bridges or dentures

When to Implant?

1. Post extraction implant

2. Delayed post extraction implant

3. Late Implant.

Tooth in a day is when teeth are already removed or are. edentulous

Implants are made of

1. Titanium Screw :- Metal root (Fuses with adjoining bone)

2. Abutment: - Fits over titanium screw.

3. Crown: - Actual tooth that covers the abutment & looks like natural tooth.

Implant Procedure

A missing tooth is replaced with implant in the following manner.

  • A space created by drill in the bone for placing the implant.
  • Implant Introduced. Into the space
  • Impression taken & sent to lab to form porcelain crown. (To be placed over the implant)
  • Abutment connected to implant.
  • Attachment of crown. (over the implant root)
  • Treatment Duration: 1 week

The second stage procedure for fixed prothesis can be done after 4 months.

Full Dental replacement with Implant

Full dental replacement implant is planned with minimum 6 implant loaded in bridge of 12 dental porcelain crowns.

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