Laser Dentistry & power Whitening

Laser Dentistry

Lasers provide painless, bloodless field for dentistry interventions. Lasers deliver energy in the form of light used for cutting tissues with vaporization of the tissues. They are extensively used in the following cases-

1. Bloodless, Suture Less dental Surgery

2. aser whitening & bleaching. Speedy teeth whitening by activation of tooth gel

3. RCT-Lasers remove decay and infection in teeth and used for Curing /hardening filling

4. Crown lengthening

5. Recontouring of gums and bone in tissues

6. Frenectomy

7. Epulis removal

8. Tooth sensitivity treatment

9. Biopsies

10. Removal of lesions of oral cavity

11. Relieving pain of cold sores.

Power Whitening

Laser s are used for giving a dazzling whitening smile in minutes. You will go back with a stunning makeover after our POWER WHITENING laser smile.

Your dental smile vacation will be organized by us as we transport you to a world of wondrous forts, palaces ,gardens of a bygone era without any organizational hassles and we plan your smile makeover in the middle of this glorious dream vacation.

We can organize an all inclusive stay package for-

1. Your entire visit

2. Discounted accommodation

3. Pick up and drop to airport

4. Transport to and from clinic for Single sitting POWER WHITENING

5. Escort for your vacation to ensure seamless perfection in your dream vacation

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