Laser Dentistry & Power Whitening

cosmetic dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Lasers provide painless, bloodless field for dentistry interventions. Lasers deliver energy in the form of light used for cutting tissues with vaporization of the tissues. They are extensively used in the following cases-

1. Bloodless, Suture Less dental Surgery

2. aser whitening & bleaching. Speedy teeth whitening by activation of tooth gel

3. RCT-Lasers remove decay and infection in teeth and used for Curing /hardening filling

4. Crown lengthening

5. Recontouring of gums and bone in tissues

6. Frenectomy

7. Epulis removal

8. Tooth sensitivity treatment

9. Biopsies

10. Removal of lesions of oral cavity

11. Relieving pain of cold sores.

Power Teeth Whitening

We all are quite acquainted with washing vehicles and cars while passing through the driveway. But how aware are we of the washing of teeth? Well, we aren’t talking about brushing our teeth twice a day in the morning and night. But something that will make your smile appear white and refreshing.

As per research, our teeth tend to darken and turn yellowish and dull with age. It is intricately related to our habits, such as eating certain type of food and drinking, which darken the teeth over time. Herein, Power Whitening comes across as a treatment to restore the whiteness and brightness of your teeth 12 shades brighter.

Do you know?

Power Whitening as a technique is one of the most requested services in the current time. More and more people crave a bright white smile and wouldn’t want to have a spectacular smile that will brighten the whole face. Thus, if you find your smile getting a little duller or teeth having a yellowish tint, it is recommended to consult a dentist or visit a dental clinic to book your appointment for a power whitening session.

What is Power Technique?

Although we have defined the benefit of power whitening, many might still be obscure about what it means. First, Power Whitening can be defined as a technique wherein the teeth are whitened using laser bleaching.

The dentist first removes any plaque or stains on the surface of the teeth. Later they place a protective barrier between the lips and the gums, thereby applying a whitening gel over the teeth. Moreover, the entire procedure is performed using a powerful laser to whiten the teeth within one appointment. The entire procedure takes an hour. After its completion, the dentist will show your teeth’ new shade by measuring how much lighter it has gotten.

Does the procedure hurt?

The entire procedure is painless and non-invasive. Furthermore, you can witness the results immediately after the procedure when you leave the clinic. There is no worry about the process for people who have sensitive teeth as it is completely painless and safe. There is no use of harsh chemical abrasives, nor is there any risk for any allergic reaction.

The procedure is performed by qualified and trained professionals who have years of expertise in the Marudhar Dental Clinic. The clinic comprises knowledgeable and veteran dentists who are knowledgeable and have experience in teeth whitening.

How long is the procedure of Teeth Whitening?

It is a combination of how well you maintain your oral health and visit the clinic regularly. Herein, the procedure can thereby last up to two years. You can also purchase future top-up sessions or even smile kits from the dentist to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment lasts longer, and your smile wins heart effortlessly!

Laser are used for giving a dazzling whitening smile in minutes. You will go back with a stunning makeover after our POWER WHITENING laser smile.

Your dental smile vacation will be organized by us as we transport you to a world of wondrous forts, palaces ,gardens of a bygone era without any organizational hassles and we plan your smile makeover in the middle of this glorious dream vacation.

We can organize an all inclusive stay package for-

1. Your entire visit

2. Discounted accommodation

3. Pick up and drop to airport

4. Transport to and from clinic for Single sitting POWER WHITENING

5. Escort for your vacation to ensure seamless perfection in your dream vacation

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