Revitalize Your Smile : The Artistry of Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Design

Cosmetic Dentistry can be done with the help of Dental Veeners . Dental veneers are made of porcelain. They even out the tooth size & improve color. Provide non metallic cosmetic registration. They are basically laminates of tooth colored material cemented to front surface of teeth for cosmetic improvement


1. Crooked teeth correction

2. Stained teeth coverage

3. Damaged / worn teeth coverage

4. Gaps between teeth coverage

Types of veneer

1. Porcelain

2. Composite

3. Ceramic


Planning of your smile designing dental vacation

Cosmetic Bonding–Single sitting

A Composite resin filling is placed in the front & back teeth as a thin plastic coating for changing color of teeth & reshaping teeth. It closes gaps & corrects crooked teeth.


After numbing the area tooth surface is prepared by cleaning, roughening and shaping
Gel application on tooth
Composite application on tooth
Light curing of composite
Polishing and buffing of composite for finishing touch

Teeth Whitening

Used for discoloration & stains. Laser whitening, clinic bleaching & home bleaching option are available. Laser tooth whitening is a quick, painless procedure for instant whitening.


Polishing teeth to clear plaque
Placing barrier to isolate place of work
Coating of teeth with gel
Curing light / laser application
After suitable time shade of teeth checked
Area cleaned and finally checked if need for reapplication

Smile Makeover

A Smile makeover completely changes your teeth in to a perfect set to create a dazzling smile. Dental problem like decay / old filling/ crowding / gaps / discolouration / bite problem can be solved by restoring teeth. We use porcelain crown / bridges / veneers etc. Within 1-2 weeks a complete dental makeover can be done with restoration of complete function and appearance.
A complete dental smile makeover can be done with restoring complete function & appearance.

Dental Bridge

It fills the area left by a missing tooth. It is a false tooth which is put in place & held in place by the bridge & crowns of the adjacent teeth.


After numbing area is prepared for bridge by trimming area for the new crown

Impression of teeth taken

Temporary bridge fitted

2nd appt

Bridge is fitted and checked

Cementing of bridge

Tooth Reshaping / contouring / Gum Sculpting

It is used to correct crooked teeth chipped tooth, cracked teeth or overlapping teeth.


After numbing area laser is used to reshape tissue and gum
If needed some bone tissue may be removed
Follow up requirement of veneer /crowns decided upon if needed

Orthodontic Dentistry

We offer braces of all kinds for misaligned teeth makeover.

1. Metallic Braces
2. Invisible Braces

Reasons for orthodontic treatment

1. Cosmetic, 2. Better functionality, 3. Proper alignment makes teeth hygiene better, 4. Longevity of teeth

Treatment Plan

1. Consultation– Online
2. OPG report / Photo graphs review- online
3. Treatment options discussed- online / phone
4. Extraction done if required / RCT / CLEANING done if required
5. Braces applied post extraction after healing
6. Adjustment, wire changes, rubber bands, changed and adjusted every 4-8 weeks
7. After 18-24 months- retainers applied
8. Periodic observation by family dentist for phasing out retainers

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