Gum Surgery In Jaipur

Gum Surgery in Jaipur : Types & What to expect

Gum surgery in Jaipur are also popularly known as Periodontal Surgery which is performed to treat any kind of damage to the gums due to a single tooth or other tooth-related issues of the mouth. It is counted among cosmetic cures, which is often opted by individuals. There are numerous reasons for people opting for gum surgery in Jaipur, some of which are related to major complications as listed below:

  • Loss of teeth
  • Bone or Tissue Damage
  • Infections due to bacteria and viruses
  • Gaps in between the teeth
Gum Surgery in Jaipur

What are the different types of Gum Surgery in Jaipur?

Often gym surgery in Jaipur are performed to remove excess bacterial infections. Besides, it can also be due to certain types of chronic illnesses and medicines to cure gum disease. However, these errors are perfectly cured with the help of Periodontal surgeries. Herein, let us read through different types of gum surgery in Jaipur and the output you can expect from the surgery.

Flap Surgery: The most common method used to remove excess bacteria that gets deposited between the teeth. Herein, the gums are flapped to remove bacteria that gets formed between the gums.

The procedure includes stitching the gums after a thorough cleanup.Besides, the dentist may also recommend reshaping the bones to carry out the procedure.

Grafting the bone: It is performed when the bone surrounding the roots of teeth is damaged. It is a replaceable surgery wherein the old damaged tooth or bone is replaced with a new bone which is done the teeth to regrow

It requires the patient’s bone to be replaced, which can either be donated or acquired using advanced technologies such as artificial bones manufactured for this purpose.

Guided Tissue Regeneration is a procedure that is carried out to stimulate the tissue and growth of bone. It resembles a thin membrane-like material placed between the bone and the tissue to prevent the interference of one over another. It is performed to prevent overgrowth of tissues or bones that can lead to complications.

It is performed through flap surgery, wherein the bacteria under the gums are first removed.

Tissue Grafting is similar to bone grafting, which includes the replacement of tissues. In instances where the tissue is missing or damaged, it proves to be an effective procedure to help regrow the tissues.

The tissue is replaced, which is either acquired from the patient or a donor. However, no artificial elements are used for carrying out the treatment.

Crown Lengthening is a form of cosmetic surgery where the gums that have grown longer are cut off to make the teeth look longer.

The procedure is slightly painful as the gums are removed, and the patient may experience discomfort for some time.

The unique features of this course include:

Above mentioned points highlight the different types of gum surgeries widely opted by dentists to treat issues related to gums. Besides, we provide you with detailed insight into how you can prepare for the after-surgery process.

Pre – Preparation

It is always better to be prepared for surgery in advance. We recommend not to pop in any pills or tablets such as painkillers or aspirin. The antibiotics can hinder your healing after surgery. Besides, we recommend you to stop consuming alcohol or leave smoking 24 hours before the surgery. It is imperative to follow these steps to prevent any kind of side effect arising post-surgery.

Besides, it is best to follow the doctor’s advice and instructions to prepare oneself for the surgery. Moreover, also educate your family about the same so that they are cautious too.

During Surgery

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, which also requires your cooperation. The doctors may also apply any kind of ointment or gel post-surgery. Do not remove it until the doctor suggests doing so. Consume food as per the doctor’s advice.


The recovery and healing depend on the severity of the gum diseases and also your strength. Although it may be discomforting and can lead to bleeding from the tooth, there is nothing to worry about as it is normal. However, we recommend you avoid smoking or consuming alcoholic drinks for a day or two to help the wound heal completely.

Besides, there are few surgical procedures and treatments that restrict users from brushing their teeth. You can use a solution provided by the doctor to keep your mouth client. Follow all the advice diligently and avoid eating food that is restricted.


What is the overall cost of gum surgery in Jaipur ?

The average cost of gum grafting ranges between $500 to $3000 per tooth. The cost is, however, covered by the insurance plan. You can connect to your insurance company and the dental clinic to know more details about the insurance cover.

How much time does it take to recover from the gum surgery?

The overall procedure and its healing take two weeks. However, the healing may vary from individual to individual depending on their strength and how the surgery is performed. It usually takes up to two weeks to completely recover from gum surgery. Nevertheless, the time may vary from person to person and the type of surgery performed.

Does there exist any alternate treatment for gum grafting?

Gum grafting is highly recommended by many industry experts considering its minimally invasive technique to prevent the gums from receding. However, you can visit your dentist to get a complete guide about the procedure and other alternative treatments in the place of gum grafting.

Will I be asleep during the gym surgery?

The dentist will use local anaesthesia for performing the procedure. Thus, you will be either fully or partially asleep during the entire procedure, with your gums turning numb.

Is gum grafting covered in insurance?

Gum grafting is covered by insurance. However, it is recommended to verify with the insurance company and the dental clinic before proceeding with the gum grafting process.

How can I fix receding gums naturally?

You can fix the receding gums naturally by following certain home remedies, including using different methods like rinsing with hydrogen peroxide or saltwater, consuming food rich with omega 3 fatty acids, and much more. While these methods may take a longer time to fix the issue of receding gums, it is recommended to visit your dentist to get the best treatment for your gums.

Is it important to opt for gum surgery?

It is the best alternative for treating all your gum related issues and diseases. Based on the existing condition of the gums, the doctor will recommend which surgery will suit best and other types of pre and post-operative procedures.

Who performs gum surgery?

Gum surgery is performed by gum specialists known as periodontists to treat the gum disorder.

Can I start brushing my teeth immediately after the periodontal surgery?

You can start brushing your teeth ideally 24 hours after the periodontal surgery, wherein your dentist will guide you about what to follow and what not to follow post-surgery.

Will my gums grow back post-surgery?

No, the gums would not grow back after the surgery. So herein, the excess gum tissue is removed for repositioning the gum line, which will restrict it from growing back.

Don’t worry about gums growing back after surgery. An excess gum tissue that is removed to reposition the gum line will not grow back.

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